Auto Sorting Machine V4

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System Application

ACI Auto Sorting Machine and Baling Control System Ver 4

Shifting the sorting material based on feeding dominancy and baling on fixed quantity

The most economic and efficient optical sorting and baling solution by ACI

ACI introduces the feeding material dominancy based sorting system which will automatically shift the sorting material by the optical sorting machine. With the minimum number of optical sorting machines, ACI Auto sorting machine control system V4 will sort the recyclables into the various categories by materials, colors or combined with the high purity of 99% plus. The system will check the dominancy of the feeding recyclables moving on the conveyor belt and find out the most dominant material at every fixed time frame. Based on the collected data and the V4 algorithm, the system will decide what to sort and it will change automatically with the same algorithm. The sorted materials will be guided to the bunker with the special designed load cell. When the stored quantity reaches the set value, ACI Control system will check the availability of the balers for packing by bales. At the end of the day the system makes the daily work report for the factory operator.

Characteristics and Advantages
  • Sorting dominant material first
  • With the fixed interval, the sorting algorithm works.
  • Bunker with load cell for baling process
  • Most economic and efficient Optical sorting system

Flow & System