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System Application

ACI MBT(Mechanical Biological Treatment) Facility / SRF(Solid Refuse Fuel) Production Facility

Making Solid Refused Fuel to maximize waste-to-energy system efficiency

At MBT and SRF production facilities, the waste formerly landfilled passes through mechanical and biological processes selectively. The Recyclable, bio-organic and inflammable materials are sorted by passing through the mechanical treatment machines. The combustible materials are used as fuel to make the energy, for example, in power plants, as a form of SRF (Solid Refused Fuel) after shredding and sorting PVC materials out which are the sources of Dioxins. Bio-organic material is treated by the bacteria to make the biogas. Only the remainings (inert, sand, stone..) are dumped into the landfill which will be max 5% of the waste.

Flow & System
1. Preshredder
2. Size Separator : 3D Combi Sorting Machine or Disc Screen
3. Air Shifter
4. Magnetic Separator for Ferrous metal
5. Eddy Current Separator for Non Ferrous metal
6. Fine Shredder
7. Optical Separator for PVC
8. 2nd Air Shifter
9. RDF Dryer
10. Baler with PP Twine
11. Wrapping machine
12. Bio Drying System