System Application

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System Application

ACI MRF(Material Recovery Facility)

To separate the solid waste by material categories for recycling ;

MRF (Material Recovery Facility) receives and separates recyclable waste materials to add value to the waste which was landfilled or incinerated without the recovery process. By the physical properties of waste, MRFs sorts the plastics (typically PET and HDPE), ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, glass, etc. It is also possible to make the PET bottles from the waste PET bottles depending on the purity of recycled PET flakes. With the low purity recycled plastic, we can make good quality plastic products by adding the virgin grade plastic resins.

Flow & System
1. Bag Splitter
2. Bulky Item Manual Picking Line
3. Sirocco Ballistic Screen
4. Bar Vibrator
5. Plastic Manual Picking Line
6. Magnetic Separator
7. Vacuum Suction Separator
8. Automatic Sorting Machine
9. Aluminum Manual Picking Line
10. Glass Manual Picking Line
11. Paper/Card Board Manual Picking Line