Semi-Automatic Baler

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Semi-Automatic Baler

Semi Auto Baler with optional Cross Binding

High Efficiency with One Wire Connection system

Semi-Automatic Baler is to compress various materials into square bale automatically. The bale bindings are done manually by the operator with the vertical and/or cross tying method. Thanks to the guide-tube, the operator can finish the tying work very quickly. The Level Sensors integrated in the feeding hopper help to control the pressing cycle efficiently.

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  • Material Recovery Facility(MRF)
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment Facility(MBT)
  • Waste Paper Compacting Facility
  • Plastic Film Compacting Facility
Features & Advantages
  • Guide Tube
  • One Stop Tying System
  • Possible for Operator to finish Tying Work quickly without position change
  • Efficient Tying with once tying wire
  • Level Sensors installed in Feeding Hopper
  • Controlling Pressing Cycle
  • Able to measure the feeding level in the hopper
  • Low Level Sensor to control the Press Ram
  • High Level Sensor to stop the Feeding Conveyor
  • Two Tying Methods
  • Vertical and Cross Tyings
  • Able to choose one of Two Tying Methods according to Material Characteristics
  • Vertical Tying: big size materials / Cross Tying: small size materials
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Technical Data
* Standard Density: 0.06ton/m³
AVOS 141-15/50AVOS 181-15/50
Bale DimensionW1,100 x H750
Bale WeightMax.660kg
Cycle Time42sec54sec
Press Force 500kN
Power Consumption15.0kW
Dimensions2,200 x 7,200 x 2,350mm 2,200 x 8,080 x 2,350mm
* Depending on properties and bulk densities of input materials, the abovementioned capacity may vary
* The specifications can be modified for the quality improvement