Waste Transport Conveyor

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Waste Transport Conveyor

Optimized to Transport Challenging Wastes

Modular design to be flexible for any specific application

The Waste Transport Conveyor is specially designed to move the wastes. The conveyor is optimized to safely transport the challenging materials like bulky wastes and sharp metal pieces. Furthermore, the conveyor could be correctly integrated with other waste handling machines like Baler, Feeding Controller, and Air Shifter. The conveyor length can be extended or reduced thanks to the modular design. Various widths of conveyors give the system designer the high flexibility.

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  • Material Recovery Facility(MRF)
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment(MBT)
  • Incineration and Power Plants
  • Biomass and Biogas Plants
  • Food Waste Disposal and Composting Facility
Features & Advantages
  • Belt Tension Adjusters
  • Belt Scrapper with Auto Tensioner - To remove Foreign Materials from the belt efficiently
  • Safety Covers to prevent accidents caused by Rolling Parts and Moving Belt