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Optical Sorting Machine


Waste Separation System using optical technologies(NIR/VIS) and induction principle

The best of optical sorters for plastic, metal, paper, textile and wood.

Mistral+ sorts materials by applying optical technologies(NIR/VIS) and the induction principle. It can sort many kinds of wastes in various shapes and sizes at the same time thanks to the combination of NIR & VIS sensors (NIR sensor is standard/VIS sensor is option).

Catalog Download

  • Material Recovery Facility(MRF)
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment(MBT)
  • PET Recycle Center (Separating PET by color)
  • Plastic Sorting Facility (PET, HDPE, PP, PS, PELD, PVC)
  • WEEE Sorting Facility (ABS, ABS/PVC, ABS/PC, HIPS, etc)
  • Metal Sorting Plant (ferrous and non-ferrous metals)
  • SFR) Facility
Features & Advantages
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • An industrial PC and PLC which improves substantially the system stability
  • New cooling concept based on a Vortex tube system (maintenance free)
  • IP65 standards for wet and dusty conditions
  • Brand new User Interface