Air Ballistic Separator

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Multiple Separator

Air Ballistic Separator

Great Combination of Air Shifter and Ballistic Separator

Multi-Sorting System Separating Mixed Wastes into Five(5) Categories

Air Ballistic Separator is a hybrid machine that combines Air Shifter and Ballistic Separator. Thanks to the great combination, the machine can separate many kinds of wastes into various shapes in one machine; Heavy Material / 3D Material / 2D Material / Fine Fraction. In addition, the cartridge filter purifies dusts efficiently, and the air recirculation device minimizes the dust emission.

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  • Material Recovery Facility (Heavy Material, 3D Material, 2D Material and Fine Fraction)
  • Mixed Waste Sorting Facility (Construction and Demolition Waste)
Features & Advantages
  • Classifying Mixed Wastes into Five(5) Categories ; Heavy Material, 3D Material, 2D Material, Fine Fraction and Dust
  • Replaceable Grating Screen – Low Maintenance Cost and Easy Maintenance
  • Modular System Design for the screen and the paddle
  • Air Circulation System – Dust Free Operation
  • Options – central lubrication system, PLC control system
Working Principle

Technical Data
* Standard Density: 0.06ton/㎥
Capacity80㎥/hr 115㎥/hr161㎥/hr230㎥/hr
Power Consumption22.5kW30.2kW52.0kW76.2kW
Power Supply380-400V, 50/60Hz
Dimension2,500 x 12,755 x 5,340mm3,050 x 12,755 x 5,340mm3,880 x 12,755 x 5,340mm5,500 x 12,755 x 5,340mm
* Depending on properties and bulk densities of input materials, the abovementioned capacity may vary
* The specifications can be modified for the quality improvement