Double Shaft

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Double Shaft(Metso 4500/6500)

Metso FineShredder for High Efficiency System for high recycling rate

Patented Multi-edge rotor cutting technology and Hydraulic Power System

The Metso FineShred range consists of two-shaft shredders for continuous material input. The Metso FineShred units can be used in a wide range of different applications including difficult materials such as sticky bitumen, fabrics and foams. Particle sizes of 10-100 mm are obtainable depending on the screen size applied. Two counter rotating shafts fitted with knives specially selected for the individual applications ensure a high degree of flexibility of the units. The unique design of the cutting area ensures minimal friction on the shaft. In combination with the continuously adjustable rotor speed, the variable cutting frequency and the optimal selection of screen sizes a very homogeneous output with a minimum content of fine fractions can be achieved. The hydraulic drive of the shafts guarantees an impact resistant and resonance free power transmission. All together a minimum of wear and energy consumption is secured.

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Multi-edge shaft (12 edged)

  • Minimum heat up on the operation (increase by 5~15°C)
  • No need for cooler

Tight knife arrangement

  • Min cutting distance between fixed and rotating knives (0.3mm)
  • Various knife design and materials (Depending on input material)

Minimized Strain on Screen

  • Screen from thin plate (6mm) saves the cost
  • 10mm output material capacity 9t/h – with M&J FineShred 3550
    (Largest in the world)

Hydraulic Unit

  • Reliable under heavy loads and shocks
  • High efficiency power conversion (20% lower than Electrical Motor)
  • SRF production from difficult materials like Rolls, Foams, Bitumen and Fabrics
Features & Advantages
  • Homogeneous output from 10-100 mm
  • Minimal fine particles and easy maintenance
  • Minimal dust emission and no heat generation