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Preshredder Stationary/Mobile

The best of shredders equipped with Cutting Table and bi-directional rotating rotors

Powerful Shredding Power + Continuous Output

The Preshredder is equipped with the electrical motor, the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor, shreds the wastes with knives attached on the rotors and the cutting table, and feeds the shred materials to the output conveyor. The cutting shafts rotate in both directions and have the long material rolling prevention function. The cutting knives are double edged for wear-resistant and impact-resistant properties. The Preshredder has 6 shredding programs to meet the best shredding function depending on the feeing materials.

  • MSW
  • Bulky Waste
  • Combustibles
  • Ocean Waste
  • Wood
Features & Advantages
  • Hardox steel used in all parts of the cutting table exposed to wear
  • Various knife type depending on the input materials
  • Low dust emission and low noise for low RPM
  • Intelligent shredding routines automatically adapt to the input material characteristics