Bag Splitter

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Bag Splitter

ACI Bag Splitter

Machine for waste bag splitting and continuous feeding

The bag splitter can be used as a baler breaker.

The bag splitter is to split open the bags of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and supply them to the sorting machines continuously and evenly. The collected waste bags will be fed to the bunker of the bag splitter. Retractable splitting knives mounted in the rotor take the bags of the wastes to the ripping combs and open the bags to feed the wastes to the sorting machines. The bag splitters are used at MRF (Material Recovery Facility) and MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment) Facility.

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  • Recyclables
  • MSW
  • Bales
Features & Advantages
  • Applicable for all kinds of Bag including the woven bags
  • Bag splitting rate at around 95%
  • Overload protection system and user-friendly operation system
  • Large capacity hopper and uniform volume discharge system
Working Principle
Technical Data
SR IV K IV 1800/2000SR III K IV 1250/1500SR III K III 1250/1500
Bunker Capacity21m³ - 40m³21m³ - 40m³1.5m³ - 50m³
Working Width1800/2000mm1250/1500mm1250/1500mm
Applicable Materials- Recyclable Waste
- Household Waste
- Industrial Waste
- Paper / Cardboard
- Municipal Solid Waste
Density40-400 kg/m³40-300 kg/m³60-80 kg/m³
Bag Splitting Rate96%96%96%
Power Consumption25/30KW17/18KW15/18KW
Power Supply380-400V, 50/60Hz
Above specifications are for the basic model. According to the material properties and throughput, the specifications are subject to change.