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Privacy Policy

ACI Chemicals Asia. Inc (hereinafter "ACI") will respect the privacy of users and comply with the laws regarding the protection of personal information in Korea such as the Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the "Information and Communication Network Act") and the Personal Information Protection Act

There is. This policy will be effective from November 1, 2017.

Chapter 1. General rule

① Personal information is information about an individual who is alive, and information that can identify the individual by the name, resident registration number, etc. contained in the information (the information alone can easily identify the individual, Including those that can be identified by combining them.

② The ACI website places great importance on the protection of your personal information and complies with the Personal Information Protection Regulations of the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act and the Personal Information Protection Guidelines established by the Ministry of Information and Communication. The ACI homepage informs you of the purpose and the manner in which the personal information provided by you through the Privacy Policy is being used and what measures are being taken to protect your privacy.

③ ACI homepage discloses your privacy policy at the first page of the homepage so that you can always see it easily.

Chapter 2. Scope of collecting personal information

The ACI homepage is free to access most of the contents without a separate membership process. The ACI website collects the following personal information for consultation, including product inquiries.

Collected items: name, email

How to collect personal information: Homepage Contact us

Chapter 3. Consent to collect personal information

The ACI website assumes that you have consented to the collection of personal information if you leave a message on the ACI homepage and inform you of the contents of the personal information protection policy or the Terms of Use.


Chapter 4. Purpose and purpose of collection of personal information

ACI uses the collected personal information for the following purposes:

- Responses to product and recruitment inquiries

- Handling of event participation


Chapter 5. Collection of personal information by cookies

The ACI homepage uses 'cookies' to temporarily store and retrieve your information. Cookies identify your computer, but do not personally identify you as a computer user. You also have the option to have cookies so you can have the option to accept all cookies from your web browser options, send a notification when a cookie is set, or reject all cookies.

- Purpose of using cookies

Cookies are information that the ACI homepage server sends to your web browser and does not affect other parts of the PC at all. When a user accesses the ACI homepage, the ACI homepage server computer is used to read the cookie contents from the user's browser so that the service can be provided without additional input. Also, it can be used for customized service such as user's taste and interest field by analyzing frequency of access and time of visit.

- Deny setting of cookies

As a way to deny cookies, you can either accept all cookies by selecting the option of your web browser, check each time you save cookies, or refuse to save all cookies.

- Example of setting method (for Internet Explorer)

Tools> Internet Options> Privacy at the top of your web browser

Chapter 6. The period of affluence and use of personal information

After the purpose of collecting and using personal information is accomplished at its source, we will destroy the information without delay. The personal information you submit will be kept securely while receiving the services provided by ACI website and used for the purpose of collecting and using personal information.


Chapter 7. Procedures and methods of destroying personal information

The ACI homepage is originally destroyed without delay after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. The procedure and method of destruction are as follows.

- Destruction procedure

The information entered by the customer is stored for a certain period of time after the purpose has been accomplished, according to the internal policy and other relevant laws and regulations (see the period of possession and use). This personal information will not be used for any other purpose unless it is under the law.

- Destruction method

Personal information printed on paper will be destroyed by crushing or incineration, and personal information stored in electronic file format will be deleted using a technical method that can not reproduce the record.

Chapter 8. Providing personal information

ACI does not originally disclose your personal information to others. However, except as follows.

- When users have agreed in advance

- In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, or for the purpose of investigation, if the investigation agency is required by the procedures and methods prescribed in the Act.


Chapter 9. Consignment of collected personal information

ACI will not entrust your information to third parties without your consent. In the event that such a need arises in the future, we will notify the customer of the entrusted person and the details of the entrusted business, and will receive prior consent, if necessary.


Chapter 10. Rights of users and legal representatives and how they are exercised

You may read or correct your personal information at any time. If you wish to view or correct your personal information, please contact the person in charge of personal information management by email.

If a user requests correction of an error in personal information, it will not use the personal information until the correction is completed.

You may at any time withdraw from collection, use and provision of personal information you have agreed to. If you withdraw your consent, contact your personal information manager by e-mail and we will immediately take necessary measures such as deleting your personal information.

In addition, if the purpose of collection or use of personal information is accomplished, or if you decide to discontinue the service in accordance with ACI's website policy, your personal information will be immediately destroyed.

Chapter 11. Civil Service on Personal Information

In order to protect your privacy and handle complaints related to your personal information, ACI has designated the relevant department and personal information manager as described below. You may report any complaints related to personal information generated by ACI homepage service to the person in charge of personal information management or the department in charge.

ACI will promptly provide you with sufficient answers to your complaints. If you need to report or consult about other privacy infringement, please contact the following organizations.
- Department responsible:
- Personal information manager :
- e-mail :
- Contact :

1. Personal Information Dispute Resolution Committee (

2. Information Protection Mark Certification Committee (

3. Internet Crime Investigation Center (

4. Cyber ​​terrorism response center (