CEO’s message

  • Chemical and Environmental Technology leading corporate at the edge of Sustainable Society creation

CEO’s message

The innovative new solution to create the sustainable society by ACI
Solution Provider, ACI
Glasses and sunshades made from the light and break-safe high clarity plastic material instead of the conventional heavy glass material, high performance hiking suits and shoes, aesthetically designed wall paper, PET bottle for safe and clean potable water and plastic containers for safe food packaging. The humans have been benefiting very much in the field of food, cloth and houses from the chemistry. In the field of transportation, the cars are the revolution from the chemical. All the electrical and electronical products are all made from the chemistry.

ACI has been suppling the chemical products around the world for the benefit of the human society.

Benefiting from the chemistry, the human lives are more comfortable and safer in this generation than any before. However we think ; In the society of mass production and consumption, It is more important to dispose and recycle the waste in a better way than to produce well and better than before. The recycling is all humans responsibility for the creation of the sustainable nature for the next generations.

To achieve the goal of making the sustainable society, ACI is in the field of suppling the chemical materials to support the revolutionary human lives, the waste collection and treatment systems for easy and safe collection, and for high quality recycling, and the environment friendly energy production system.

In the fields of chemistry and environment, ACI will keep supplying the total solution for the sustainable society.

Managing Director & CEO    Harrison Hyunsoo Kim